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William Dickerson's Pic
William C.Dickerson
DOD: 12/31/19
- Homicide - Gun -

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Spencer Bristol's Pic
Spencer D.Bristol
DOD: 12/30/19
- Traffic Accident -

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Bryan Pfluger's Pic
Bryan C.Pfluger
DOD: 12/21/19
- Crash -

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Clifton Martinez's Pic
Clifton J.Martinez
DOD: 12/21/19
- Homicide - Veh -

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Cooper Dyson's Pic
Cooper Dyson
DOD: 12/21/19
- Crash -

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Jose Meza's Pic
Jose H.Meza
DOD: 12/20/19
- Death - Natural -

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July 1, 2014
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